Infographic Poster: My Record Collection


Here's my Infographic Poster detailing my ever-increasing record collection as of the end of 2016. This is part of the largest and most challenging projects for my senior Typography class, and I'm extremely proud to say that I earned a 100% grade on this project. Here's the project description: "Design and produce a 24” x 36” type dominated poster that shows a glimpse of your personality to the viewer. You must use two or more colors and must consider the suggestions and restrictions below. Interests can include: hobbies, vacations, family, music, movies, recipes, books, sports, culture, etc. You must include at least one of the following: fever chart, bar chart, pie chart, and table." Don't forget to follow, appreciate, leave feedback, and share this project with your family and friends.

Interested in my detailed process for this poster? View the process PDF here.
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