Cartoon Plane Calendar
A simple, yet enjoyable project that I had a chance to work on was this cartoon plane calendar. Originally coming to us a project that required a life-like plane and a cartoon plane like shape, this project soon turned towards just the cartoon plane shape. This plane also required a stand for which it can sit on.
Proposal Phase
The first concepts for this piece had the main idea of being a continuos, single piece. This idea didn't end up very far because of how thick the plane ended up being and because of how big the piece would have been on a perferated sheet.
We later decided on a simple two-dimensional plane shape with slits for the wings to fit into.
Pre-Production Phase
During the pre-produciton phase, more samples wree transfered between the customer and I to ensure that the product turned out to their standards. A die line was finalized and artwork was implemented into the die line for sample production.
Production Phase
During the production phase, the final artwork and was applied to the die line. Samples were cut one more time to ensure that the product was to the customer's standards and that it was fully functional.
The final product flat and unassembled.
Again, a very simple project, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn a thing or two. I learned proper techniques to implement slits within a design and I learned how to change concepts during proposal phases in order to please the customer.
All in all, this project was fun, simple, and turned out to be a solid final product.
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Matt S.
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